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And this was on Sawai Miyuu’s blog too! (2012-2-8)

Aw, look at them! It makes me so happy to see pictures of some PGSM cast members together, especially when they include those guys who don’t blog or otherwise give signs of life to let us know they’re okay (I’m looking at you Kubodera-san).

I ran the blog entry through babylon, and I’m not certain I get it, but it seems they’ve come to see a performance of Sawai Miyuu which made her very happy.

She calls them Ayaka-chan, Mew-chan and Kubodera-san. She also calls him a handsome guy ;D

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    I take it all back! Akira Kubodera has been on twitter (as kubodealer) for more than a year now! Why didn’t anyone tell...
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