Strawberry Night feat. Akira Kubodera

Found out that Akira Kubodera plays in another crime series that aired this very 2012 already (Strawberry Night, episode 6), and guess what? 

He’s dead! Oh nooo! Not again!

While the last time he died in a crime series, we at least got to see him naked in the autopsy scene for a second, this time all we get is a pretty messy death.

Not much blood, but still quite disturbing.

Also, this is almost all we get to see of Kubodera-san at all in the episode.

There is a briefing where his foto is shown, and then I waited for flashbacks to come. 

The flashback scene into his living days was really short, really only one scene (plus the stabbing scene). But what a build-up it got! For quite a while, various people starting telling the police what a good guy this Nagatsuka had been. No one wished him harm, everyone loved and respected him, he had an interesting job and was well-respected all around. And then, when we finally get to see this miracle of manhood, we get this lovely picture:

Really, he’s dreamy! Ha, so we finally get to see Akira Kubodera as a throroughly good guy sweeping through the rainy night with his umbrella? I appreciate that, I really do.

But somehow, something’s missing in this scene.

Needs more shojo sparkles.

needs more shojo sparkle2
See? Fixed that for you.

All in all, this episode wasn’t too bad to watch. I enjoyed seeing some actors I knew, and while the characters weren’t exactly complex and their conflicts not dealt with much dignity, they were interesting, and the story was entertaining. 

Seeing a new facet played out by Akira Kubodera was nice, but we really didn’t get to see much of him. So even while it was boooooring, I liked the other police series he was killed in better, because he had more scenes, looked better, had less clothes on and his character was more interesting.

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