Akira Kubodera pictures from the And Endless sites.

I finally found more pictures of Akira Kubodera from his engagement at the And Endless theatric company, thanks to fuckyeahpgsm’s latest PGSM boys feature that made me search for more. Please don’t ask me why I haven’t been able to find them earlier, I have no explanation considering that I’ve been googling the company and my favourite Japanese guy often enough but ahem, obviously googling is a skill that improves with practise…

But now I’ve got them, and here they are! Will break the pictures up in different posts, starting with some promo pictures of various plays. They’re all from the official And Endless site. I can give separate links for each picture if you don’t find them there.

And now excuse me, I’ll need a moment of caps locked fangirling off screen…

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    I should not have seen this while I’m in public. It’s physically painful for me to restrain myself from squeeing.
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    At least I can recognize this one. ♥
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